About the Project

This is a final project for English 39, Digital Humanities at University of the Pacific. For our project, we took a digital library of works by Edgar Allan Poe and cross compared the themes of works from specific time periods to events that were occurring in his life at the same time using text analysis tools. What we hope to learn from this is if the content and themes of his stories reflect the troubles and triumphs that he faced during his life.

Research Questions:

What are some of the common themes in Poe’s work?

How does it relate to events in his life?

Are there connections between the content of his stories from certain “eras” of his life and the types of stories he wrote?


We converted online transcriptions of Poe’s work into .txt files and performed a text analysis using Voyant to extract common words and phrases. The results from this was then compared to a timeline of Poe’s life and a short bio to determine if there was any correlation between events in his life and the type of stories he was writing at a specific time.

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  1. This project really came together well. Congratulations! There is so much rich detail in your writing and in your timeline and text analysis. The raven favicon is a wonderful little detail.

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